Missing Mailbox!

This morning, I headed to my local blue mailbox (Clinton and Lafayette) to drop off my payment for the $60 parking ticket I received last week in BK Heights (GRRR), only to find THE MAILBOX WASN'T THERE! box-copy.jpg

Where did it go?! WTF???

UPDATE: The mailbox was taken out by two cop cars who collided at that corner Saturday morning. A reader did email me about it, but I was taking my eight-hour written exam at school, so I didn't get to see it. Back to the topic of cops pulling illegal traffic maneuvers in the 'hood, I saw one last week drive in front of a car at a red light from behind, look both ways and drive through it, no sirens. Just couldn't wait for that pesky red to change! I'm curious to know what the circumstances were on Saturday. If they were rushing to an emergency, OK. But if this happened because they were breaking traffic laws for no reason AND they ruined my mailbox, I am gonna be PISSED.