Hidden Treasure: Sushi Okdol?

I've heard some really great things about Sushi Okdol on Myrtle Avenue, but only tried takeout once and found it...meh. Just received this reader note: wanted to suggest that you check out sushi okdol

we go there at least once a week with our kids- and it's almost always empty. the sushi is fine- but things like bib bim bop and soon du bu jigae are very good and very authentic. they are great with the kids- always bring them soup and rice immediately - and tofu- and sushi- etc

we actually had our 5 year old's birthday party there last year- and probably will again this year.

it's the place above the deli on myrtle- across from the associated.

You may haven't even noticed this place, being that it's on the second floor of the building (497 Myrtle at Hall). I don't have children (yet), but it's nice to hear there's a place for cool parents to dine on ethnic foods that the kids can enjoy, too.

Any other reviews?