Learn How to Grow Your Own

Sorry this posting is so late, but this cool (FREE) event at the BK Botanic Garden is tomorrow! GreenBridge, the Community Horticulture Program of Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Presents the 27th Annual Making Brooklyn Bloom:

Edible NYC: Green It! Grow It! Eat It!

Saturday, March 8, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

With Featured Speakers, Panel Discussions, Workshops, and Hands-On Exhibits; Learn about Neighborhood Greening and Growing Local Fruits and Vegetables

Brooklyn Botanic Garden presents Making Brooklyn Bloom, the Garden’s annual community horticulture event and spring gardening kick-off day, Saturday, March 8, 2007. For 27 years, BBG has produced Making Brooklyn Bloom—an event that has grown more popular as it has become increasingly resonant to the borough’s citizens. The focus this year is community agriculture and the many benefits of urban greening—including growing fresh, organic food. The free event offers hands-on workshops, experienced and passionate speakers who are nationally recognized trailblazers in local food phenomena, and exhibits by regional experts who will present innovative, organic, home gardening techniques. The experts will also provide ideas and techniques for greening urban communities, so that attendees can learn how to grow their own food easily and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Other experts will describe the community health benefits that derive from cultivating open green space and keeping a focus on local food.

I hear there will even be a lecture on "Raising Chickens and Bees in the City." Sweet. When I lived in Hell's Kitchen our local community garden was equipped with bee hives, and the honey was sold at the garden's annual fall event. Wouldn't it be fun to have Clinton Hill Honey? Maybe those movers and shakers at the Hollenback garden can set up some hives near the composting toilet.

Full info in the Botanic event here.