Another Teen Crime

From a reader: I was walking towards Myrtle on Clinton (between Dekalb and Willoughby) this afternoon around 3 when someone tried to take my purse. I held on to it as I turned around and it was a group of 6 to 10 kids. I tried fighting back but then they knocked me down to the ground and started kicking me. Fortunately, a gentleman crossed the street and scared them off. He helped me up and waited until I told him I was ok before he left. But then a girl, who said saw the whole thing, told me that the same kids did the same thing to a guy walking a dog on Clinton Ave. last night. She recommended I write you thinking maybe with enough complaints, something could get done.

I did call the cops, and they did come by and told me they would be looking for them. These kids were just out of school with nothing to do and, without a cop in sight, decided maybe they could get a quick buck. I've been in this neighborhood for the last 8 years and been mugged and beaten now 4 times. I understand the cops have better things to do, but these kids were not older than 16 (thankfully, otherwise I don't think I would have fared as well), and if given the opportunity, may grow up to commit the same, if not worse crimes to someone else.

Again, more crime committed by what seems to be a restless group of teens. How can we get the cops to patrol during after-school hours?  And as for the part about cops "having better things to do," I disagree.  I'd say making our streets safe DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS is a pretty main responsibility.