More on Thistle & Clover

I received a press release from one of the owners of Thistle and Clover a few days ago, just after my original post. Sounds like they have some cool stuff planned. For example: Thistle & Clover will produce 2 unique programs on a seasonal basis:

Tailored Events Nights: For these designer trunkshows cum meet-and-greets, Thistle & Clover will host neighbors, friends, and family in our storefront and back garden. Participating designers need not already have representation at Thistle & Clover, they may simply use the evening as an introduction to the Fort Greene clientele. Events will take place between 6-9PM.

Open Calls: Every quarter, Thistle & Clover will host a day of Open Calls, an opportunity for young, unrepresented designers to showcase their collections to the boutique. If selected, designers may sell their collection to Thistle & Clover on consignment, be featured on our website, and co-host a Tailored Event Night.


This is really awesome! What a great way for emerging designers to show their work! And count me in on that back garden action.

Thistle & Clover 221 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205 (p)718.855.5577 (f)718.855.5533