Doll Neighborhood

CH artist and community muralist Ellie Balk has an interesting art collaborative opening this weekend. As usual, Ellie's work incorporates innovative ways of representing diverse communities and their interactions: A group of New York area artists are currently exploring the idea of collaboration surrounding the creation, interaction and display of a collection of unique, handmade dolls. Doll Neighborhood is a social as well as artistic experiment, a meeting of minds as well as creative designs. The project is like a sewing circle, in that it welcomes unguarded dialog and supports a community of artists, as they sew together not only fabric, but also words, all the while speaking and listening to a range of uninhibited, uncensored voices, informed by individual and collective art. A dynamic exhibition will open at the Village @ Gureje on April 4 that will include not only the dolls, but also a video that will include the dolls interacting with each other. Doll Neighborhood may continue as an ongoing doll collaborative, meeting and exhibiting around NYC. Ellie Balk and Kristin Brenneman Eno, Curators