Demanding Change on the G Line

This is the perfect example of something lots of people have posted already, but people are asking why I haven't posted, and I'm sure people will note that once again this is cut-and-paste-news from elsewhere. Anyhow, next week G train riders will have a great opportunity to testify as to why the G train needs increased service (and length) now and in the future. The G has long been seen as the "red-headed stepchild" of the subway system, and it is important to make our voices heard in order to obtain the attention we deserve. Hopefully representatives from each community served by the G will be able to attend. We need to show a united front along the G route!

I don't know about you, but it feels like I have to wait longer and longer every day at rush hour coming home from work. (I maintain that morning service on the G is actually better than the crappy C.)

So here is the cut-and-paste info. Hope you can make it.

Hello Everyone:

Thanks to the advocacy of the Save the G Coalition ( ) , NYC Council Transportation Committee Chair John Liu will hold an oversight hearing on G train service. Witnesses from the MTA have been asked to speak about ridership data, plans for the future, conditions, and other issues regarding G line service. I'm emailing many of you who have expressed frustration about mass transit decision-making and about service along the G and F train lines.

Time/Date: Tuesday, April 8 at 1:00pm

Location: Council Chambers, City Hall

Re: What is the MTA doing to improve service on the G line?/

City Council Resolution #1262 (Sponsored by Council Members James, Liu and Mendez) calls on the MTA to immediately improve service on the G line and to suspend implementation of service cuts.

Some of you ride the G train and are frustrated by its limited service. Some of you haven't thought much about the G train – probably because while it serves an ever more important commuter route between Brooklyn and Queens (without going through Manhattan!), it runs infrequently and is only four (4) cars long. Due to service cuts in Queens, it also stops just short of increasingly important destinations and transfer options.

The MTA tells us that it will extend G train as a back up to interim F Express service to Church Ave in Brooklyn while it repairs the Viaduct over the Gowanus Canal and the station at Smith/9th Street. That's great, but it's not nearly enough. Evolving growth (in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and Bedford Stuyvesant and along the F train's route) dictates that G train service will become more needed, not less – but the MTA has no plans to do this.

Come out to the hearing on April 8th and tell the NYC Council about your experiences, your commute and the places you have had trouble getting to because of poor service between Brooklyn and Queens.

Please help by:

• testifying at the hearing

• attending the hearing and show your interest, even if you don't wish to speak

• submitting written testimony if you can't attend the hearing in person

• helping to advertise the hearing by flyering, blogging, emailing, etc.

Please help make this hearing a successful advocacy opportunity for G riders, and for improving public transit for Clinton Hill and for all Brooklynites!

I'm a little irked at the 1:00 pm meeting time, but I'll still try to check it out on my lunch hour.