Room Design at RePop

Since moving into my apartment four years ago, I've had a difficult time finding a good arrangement for my bedroom. When I mentioned it to the RePop guys, they told me they'd be starting a room design service for just this reason. In addition to curating their amazing shop, they're expanding to help clients create and arrange rooms in their homes. They're fixing to help clients curate their homes, based on what kind of vibe customers are looking for. They'll not only rearrange furniture, but search for the perfect vintage pieces. Realizing it was probably time to upgrade my mismatched bedroom set, I agreed to give them a try.

I told them I wanted a more midcentury, warm vibe, but had no idea where to start.

A few weeks later (after I had painted), they sent me off for the day and styled all of the new pieces they had picked out for me (many of which I didn't see ahead of time).


new arrangement

towards the door




They also installed some vintage wallpaper in my entryway.


mom's old typewriter



Fees for installation are pretty reasonable, and after spending DAYS painting the bedroom by myself, it was pretty sweet to leave the house for the day and come back later to a brand new apartment!

RePop 68 Washington Ave (bt Park and Flushing) 718-260-8032