Earth Day at Luz

(OK, so you only have one day left to check this out. Apologies- I just started a new job and have had no time to read my email!!!) inside luz

Luz is definitely one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood. The interior is absolutely gorgeous, the food is great and the cocktails are among the best in the area.

From Myrtle Minutes:

Get ready to raise your glasses of organic beer and wine in honor of Mother Earth.

For two days, April 22nd and 23rd, Luz Restaurant will continue to serve up delicious and delectable meals with an added big time nod to our environment.

Luz is serving up special 5-course prix fixe meals which feature all natural, sustainably-grown and/or organic ingredients purchased solely from local farms and markets.

In efforts to really drive home the importance of helping to conserve our Earth, there will be no electricity, no gas, no heat lamps, no telephones, no computers, no credit card machines…

Luz owner, Pedro Munoz, shares, “we hope that at least on these two days we can promote awareness of environmental issues. We want to help spread the fact that consciousness of what we do, buy, use or dispose of has a direct impact on planet Earth.”

Live music both nights. Come out and help celebrate our Planet Earth.

RSVP or 718.246.4000

($55.00 per person five courses)