Press Conference Recap

In case you didn't read through the comments on yesterday's post regarding the crime-related press conference, reader C-hill attended and posted a thorough recap: Well I just got home from the press conference and although I want to remain hopeful, immediate help in the form of increased police presence will not be happening soon.In addition to Leticia James, a board member from The Clinton Hill Society, Deputy Borough president of Bklyn and 2 88th pct officers were present .Also in attendance was the landlord of the corner building were the last shooting occured along with a handful of residents. The immediate solution is the design of a website to track crimes in the community.Leticia James urged residents to report these crimes via website so they can be tracked because according to the 88th pct, there is nothing wrong in the community. There data doesnt support an increase in violent crimes that warrants additional officers but even if it did, there are no officers to assign. None were assigned to the 88th from the last class and with officers retiring, well you get the point.They are understaffed. Ms James also stated that she urged design and construction to expedite matters in completing the road construction so that traffic will return to normal but after speaking to one of the workers, I was advised that the end is not till Sept the earliest.Bleek news all around.Assaults, drive by shootings, and homicides have occured in the last 4 months.Since help isnt coming, stay alert and do your best to be the eyes and ears of the community. Look for the website and report incidents without fear of retribution.Things have got to improve.Let’s hope that the Mayor responds to Ms James call for assistance. She did note that since the protests in Crown Heights, additional officers were provided. Maybe that is what we as a community have to do as well.

I admire Ms. James' ideas for developing our own solutions, but who is going to run this website and how will we get the word out to everyone in the neighborhood? (To my dismay, I realize that not everyone reads CHB!) If an elderly woman gets mugged, is she going to log her crime onto a website? Probably not.

UPDATE: Woahhhh, just saw this on Brownstoner!!!  Interesting, isn't it, how the cops get fired up only when one of their own has been shot at?