Indie Movie House on Washington Ave Screens Doc on Former Local Biz

I feel like I've been living under a rock having not known about this. Over at Embora Studios (Fulton near Washington), the Brooklyn Indie House offers independent film makers a chance to show their short or long films and allows them a percentage of box office sales. In return, they must be available for post-screening Q&A. The MySpace site says they have 15 large screens and seating for up to 100! Currently showing is If You Succeed, a documentary following the trials and tribulations in marriage and business of the couple who once owned the wildly popular Liquors restaurant on DeKalb Ave in Fort Greene (now Kif) and Bodegas, a great neighborhood space formerly on Fulton and Clinton (now home to Autour du Monde). When the businesses closed, rumors swirled about the couple's financial difficulties and their crazed landlord on DeKalb.

I am psyched to hear about both the movie house AND this particular film. I went to Liquors for brunch on my very first outing in this area, and Bodegas opened up around the time I moved to Clinton Hill. Bodegas especially has a permanent place in my heart, as I often frequented it on snowy days when I was visiting the neighborhood waiting to close on my place more than four years ago. I'm glad someone took the time to preserve the story (which focuses on the process of opening Bodegas).

Here's a flier and more info on the showtimes:


May 23 at 8pm May 24 at 8pm May 30 at 8pm May 31 at 10pm June 6 at 10pm June 7 at 10pm

The film follows restaurateurs Christian Dennery and Dolores Lagdameo as they risk everything to expand from their original restaurant, Liquors on DeKalb Avenue, to a second bistro called Bodegas in a much bigger storefront at the corner of Clinton and Fulton. Throughout this intimate verite documentary, the main characters struggle with the question of what success really means, and what they're willing to do to attain it.

We're very excited to finally screen this version of the film - complete with new ending and an amazing original score by Greg Karnilaw - for a New York audience! Come and check out this film about a very local subject: the screening venue is only two blocks from the storefront where much of the film is set.

More info on BIH from the NYT here!