G Train Clusterf*ck

I just "love" how about a hundred people waited 20-30 minutes on the G platform this morning with no announcement or staffing whatsoever to tell us no train was coming, and then how every single bus that roared by on DeKalb was packed full and said, "NEXT BUS PLEASE." I know things happen, but would it have killed the MTA to tell us not to wait for the G???  As we exited, people were still swiping through to wait for the train!  Jeez - even a taped up sign written in magic marker would have been better than nothing.

Thankfully, I ran into a neighbor on the platform and then her coworker and we hit up Tillie's for huge iced coffees and walked down to the DeKalb stop together, chatting and laughing.  It made the morning infinitely better.  Yay for Clinton Hillers!