On Friday evening, I finally met up with BK Nesto of Clinton Hill Chill. We decided to meet at Mirrors on Grand, given that I'd had yet to do more than step in and look around. The owner, Michelle, explained that the bar's name -- Mirrors -- is meant to symbolize the space being a reflection of the neighborhood. The crowd was pretty mixed and the scene was chill. Conversation flowed and four hours later, I was on my merry way home. BK Nesto is still feeling shy about sharing his identity, so we took a blurry, ambiguous photo:


We had a few good ideas, hatched over several rounds of cocktails, one being a monthly meet-and-greet for readers, maybe at Mirrors, called "Monthly Mirrors." The other was a photography show showcasing photos of the 'hood, past and present, with proceeds going to a local organization. Mostly, we just chatted about ourselves and the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for some CHB-CHC events!