Long-Time Scammer Still on the Loose

Received this email this morning: Just wanted to let you know and to have you spread the word that this guy is among us!  He gave my friend and I the whole story on Ryerson today and we unfortunately gave him a few bucks. We didn't believe it so we looked it up and it seems he has been doing this in other areas for a while. Just trying to get the word out.

The guy she's referring to delivers a believable-ish spiel about how his mother has just had a stroke while driving and crashed her car.  He needs money for a tow truck and it's an emergency.  He also claims to work in film/tv and offers to get you tickets to Letterman, or some rock concert.

He definitely approached me once and I honestly didn't have any cash on me.  When he suggested I go to the ATM, I got creeped out and left.

A sneaky Daily Heights reader snapped this photo of him:

It's really unfortunate that guys like this prey on our neighborhood.  I have no problem with helping someone in need, but sometimes it's hard to know when someone's legit (and sometimes it's glaringly obvious!).