Hitting a Nerve

I obviously hit a BIG nerve yesterday with the post about the Navy Yard Lounge.  Rereading it today, I can see how it may have sent a very different message than the one I intended.  I honestly intended it to come across as a jokey adventure. What surprised me is how personally many people seemed to react to the post, and how deeply they read into what was behind what I wrote.  Commenters have a right to their opinion, but I ask that they be respectful of one another.  One person seemed to think it was a bad thing that not everyone agreed with the sentiment that the post was derogatory and classist.  Just as people have the right to disagree with me, they also have the right to their own interpretation.

I stand by the fact that it's a dive bar and that the vibe made me (personally) uncomfortable, both outside and inside.  And that has nothing to do with pastries and wallpaper.  I'm also not condemning it or suggesting it be replaced by a trendy store offering pastries and wallpaper.