Election Day Bake Sales at Polling Places

An important reminder to keep an eye out for the PTA bake sales happening at the local public school polling places next Tuesday!  Personally, I think it's pretty brilliant, especially in the morning.  Easy to pick up a coffee and pastry to go on your way out of the booth.  Plus, it's really nice to see involved parents! (I'm talking to you, friendly folks at PS11!) I hope they'll be up and running at the ass-crack of dawn, which is when I plan to go vote. (Lord knows how long the lines will be when I normally head out for work!)

Here's the press release:

Council Member Letitia James, Borough President Marty Markowitz, other public officials, and many members of the educational community gather

to support Public School Bake Sale Fundraisers at Poll Sites next Tuesday

(Brooklyn, NY) -  On Tuesday, November 4th, an election of historic proportions will take place in our country.  Record turnouts are anticipated.  Public Schools used as poll sites have the opportunity to take advantage of Election Day foot traffic by organizing bake sales; these PTA fundraisers will also be of historic proportions.

New York City Public Schools want to remind the community about the impact of contributions to bake sale fundraisers on General Election Day, and how important donations are to the success of our children’s futures.  Some goals of public schools that funding is needed for are: more field trips; books for libraries; science labs; and arts programs.  We encourage voters, and bake sale participants to act generously on Nov. 4th, because their contributions are an investment in all of our futures.

On Thursday, October 30th at 4:30 pm, a press conference will be held on the Plaza Steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall, in order to help our local schools promote their Election Day Bake Sales. Let’s all do our part to take advantage of this historic election year by voting and buying baked goods, and let’s make sure our children benefit in every way through this process.