Public Art on Myrtle

Noticed that many of the storefronts on Myrtle are featuring large paintings?  It's all part of a month-long public art installation!  I like how the art hangs in both the street's newer, fancier establishments as well as storefronts like the laundromat.  A very cool way to tie the avenue together!

(photo by MARP)

For the next month, three blocks of Myrtle Avenue will play host to the artwork of Fort Greene-based artist Anne LaFond as the first exhibit in our new Myrtle Windows Gallery program. Myrtle Windows Gallery aims to create an open-air art gallery that ‘breaks down the walls’ of the traditional private art gallery to bring two-dimensional art to the public arena via the storefront window, where it is accessible to anyone simply walking down the street.

LaFond’s paintings touch on issues of social justice and consciousness like the effects of violence and the New York working class experience. Paintings in the “Subway Series” exhibit are dynamic and colorful depictions of everyday people on their daily commute on the New York City subway with a focus on how they interact with each other and the daily news.

The paintings will be on display until November 17, 2008 in the following ten storefronts, all located within three blocks on Myrtle Avenue between Hall Street and Clinton Avenue: Anima (458 Myrtle); Five Spot Supper Club (459 Myrtle); Joseph Tyler Salon (456 Myrtle); Karen’s Body Beautiful (436 Myrtle); Karrot Health Food (431 Myrtle); Miracles Unisex Barber Shop (473A Myrtle); Move with Grace Dance & Yoga Studio (469 Myrtle); Optimum Care Rehab (474 Myrtle); Thai 101 Restaurant (455A Myrtle); Three Stars Laundromat (439 Myrtle). The paintings are all available for sale by the artist, with a printed guide to the gallery and pricing inside each participating storefront.