Where to Buy a Christmas Tree

In Clinton Hill proper, I've located two xmas tree lots and one location to buy other xmas-related plant stuff.  I visited all three this weekend to check on prices, quality and offerings: 1. Clinton Ave at Lafayette, in front of Cadman Church:

The overall selection here is very good.  I usually visit this lot since it's closest to me, and because they often offer a variety of tree types. This is the only lot in the area that I've seen white pine/scotch pine longer-needle trees.

They have all sizes, and the trees are very robust.

It's not cheap, however.  These babies are priced at $10/foot.  If you have a fancy brownstone apartment and are looking to wow, this might be your best bet.

Also selling: wreaths, holiday berry bunches, maple syrup, pine branch bunches

2. Myrtle Ave between Washington and Hall:

The tree selection is large, but not as high quality as lot #1.  However, the lot has a large staff on hand and is offering free local delivery!  If you're looking for a tree with a little more "character," this is your place.  They even have a few "Charlie Brown" style pines.  Plus, you can't beat the price (ranging from $10-70).  Due to the economic climate, I gave this one a try this year (even though it's a much farther walk -- though I suppose I could have asked for delivery!).  I was able to pick up a fairly tall tree (6+ feet) for just $30!  It's not as big around, but it fits nicely in the corner of my apartment.

Also selling: wreaths

3. Root Stock & Quade, Myrtle between Washington and Hall:

Don't want to deal with the hassle of getting a tree, or don't have the room?  Root Stock & Quade is offering lots of holiday goodies for the home.  Pine bunches in a variety of types will provide delicious seasonal scents, and pine garland ($12/yard) will look lovely draped on the mantle.

Also available are mini poinsettias ($6) and mini potted pine trees ($12).  Plus, being potted, they can last for months or years (provided you can keep them alive).

Also selling: tree ornaments and pine-scented candles

Tree locations outside CH boundaries:

  • Tree lot on Fulton near BAM Harvey Theater (Fort Greene)
  • Home Depot on DeKalb just past Bedford (Bed-Stuy)

Any more to report?