Local Duo, Sparkly Fin, (sort of) Release First Album! Local Duo, Sparkly Fin, (sort of) Release First Album!

They are really releasing an album but they are only sort of local.  1/2 of the group Sparkly Fin live in Clinton Hill.  This half of the group is named Emily, who provides the vocals, and she decided to stay in the hood after graduating from Pratt this past May.  The other half is tastefully called Joseph, who lives in Baltimore, and he provides all other instrumentation.  This week (1/27/09) they are releasing their first album, High Pive.

Sparkly Fin fit nicely into the cotillion of contemporary bands who embrace the electro-acoustic spectrum with heart and soul.  Their myspace page used to proclaim that sounded like "Kate Bush kissing a pinball machine."  While I agree with their self-diagnosis, I will offer my own egregious (yet loving) analogy: Otis Redding making out with M. I. A. at a bris hosted for any male offspring of Thom Yorke.  What I'm saying, in lay terms, is that they are very sensitive to their tone, which usually doesn't get such attention in predominantly electronic music.  Also, they have an undeniably eclectic pop sensibility that contains sincerity as well as irony in a seemingly unpretentious way.  This sets them apart from the ideas that usually seem to spring out of the invisible retinues that follow around many a BK band.  Plain and simple, it's electro-pop music that is built to last.  As a final addendum, they encourage dancing.

To celebrate the release they are going to be having an intimate performance this coming Saturday (1/31/09) at Emily's apartment on Atlantic at 10pm.   Email the band for address/directions. If you missed any of the hyperlinks:

www.sparklyfin.com www.myspace.com/adingsparklyfin sparklyfin@gmail.com