iCi Offering Prix Fix Specials

Last night I went to iCi to try out the $25 Prix Fixe.  For $25 - it's a hell of a meal.  Only problem was that I forgot my camera!! Menu changes every two weeks which is nice.

From their website: January 1, 2009 NEW YEAR! NEW START! NEW MENU!

Alice Waters 40 years ago launched the Delicious Revolution. At iCi we believe that the time has come for that revolution in a larger scale. In 2009, more than ever, we will stay committed to the quality we provided for the past 5 years, working with local farms, using seasonal ingredients and on a daily basis, with all the astringencies of running a business in NYC, trying very hard to be socially and environmentally correct.

2009 will be the year of change in politics and economics affecting all our decisions, even the most basic ones. But who says one shouldn’t eat out 4 times a week anymore as a New Yorker does? For that matter, we are launching a $25 3 course dinner prix fixe, assorted with a wider selection of (natural) wines by the glass. The menu will change every 2 weeks. Offer with no time limit. Happy New Year!


iCi 246 DeKalb Ave