PS011K's 2nd Annual Silent Auction

Working in arts/education I am reminded everyday by two things that NYC public school's seriously lack: money and the arts.  However, something that makes any school better (and my job easier) is a dedicated P.T.A. While walking on Waverly the other day, I noticed a poster on the door of PS011K advertising their second annual silent auction that is sponsored by their P.T.A.  Well, I decided to spread the word via CHB in order to help out 11K and their wonderful P.T.A.  Schools, just like everyone else right now, are feeling the hurt in their wallets and it's evident when speaking to some teachers.

Recently, at work, I spoke to a teacher of a school that the non-profit I work for has partnered with for a couple of years.  When I asked her if they were going to continue with more programming this year she vehemently (and as new yorkerly as possible) informed me that they had no money and that I should call Bloomberg and ask for relief.

Anecdotes asside, here are the details for the event and it sure does sound like a good time:

PS011K PTA's 2nd Annual Silent Auction April 24th 6-9pm Lafyette Presbyterian Church 85. South Oxford st.

Raffles, Food, Drink Babysitting Provided Live Entertainment

Wine Tasting by Gnarly Vines

$10 at the Door $20 for Wine Tasting