Volunteering around Clinton Hill

This is the first in a series on ways families can make a positive contribution to our community through volunteerism.  Our fair borough offers so much to its residents, and here’s a chance to give something back to Brooklyn while teaching our kids to be responsible world citizens. In celebration of the crocuses, tulip shoots and forsythia blooms I’ve seen emerging in the last week or so, this set of volunteer opportunities has a hooray-for-spring theme:

First off, the Fort Greene Association is sponsoring an initiative called “Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill.” Part of this effort includes putting up signs that say “Do not place unsolicited advertising materials on this property” at neighborhood residences. Children and/or their parents can become block chiefs, going door to door on a block to get signs put up. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact info@greenfgch.org, call Marcus Attorneys at (718) 643-6555 or stop by 13 Greene Avenue. You can read more about Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill at www.greenfgch.org.


Also in keeping with our spring theme, a group called 21st Century Plowshare aims to “sow wildflower seeds on every single patch of abandoned soil in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed Stuy this April. By early summer, there should be so many wildflowers growing in the untended treepits, vacant lots, half-built developments and other tiny scraps of neglected soil in Bed Stuy that the whole neighborhood effectively turns into a meadow.”  This mission caught the attention of Bed Stuy Blog a while back (http://www.bedstuyblog.com/2009/03/09/the-bed-stuy-meadow-project/). I like the concept of a flower-blanketed Bed Stuy so much that I thought it bore repeating here.  If you’re interested in getting involved, check out www.21stcenturyplowshare.com.  And, come to think of it, there are some empty lots in Clinton Hill/ Fort Greene that could use beautifying too…

Or, you could combine community service, recycling and spring cleaning by making a donation to the Salvation Army.  Drop off is at 22 Quincy Street, right near the Broken Angel site.  Don’t forget to get a receipt—there’s nothing wrong with getting a little tax deduction while performing a good deed!  It’s open most days, but you may want to call 1-800-SA-TRUCK before heading over.

And lastly, now that warmer weather is headed our way, the days of stoop sales and lemonade stands will soon be upon us.  Why not help your kids run one of these and donate the proceeds to a good cause?