Sweet Revenge: an Overview

On Franklin in between Greene and Lexington resides a watering hole with charm called Sweet Revenge. Here are co-owners Courtney and Christine:


These lovely entrepreneurs and I did not get to spend a tremendous amount of time speaking about Sweet Revenge itself when I visited this past Friday; however, we did get to do two things that I think sum up how cool this bar is: drink and arm wrestle.  The contests of physical strength to accompany our beverages were due to an all-ladies' arm wrestling tournament.  Thankfully, I was able to participate because of the the occasional co-ed exhibition match.  I barely eked out a win over Christine, but now I can barely raise my arm over my head.  Anyway, back to the bar.


Sweet Revenge has an early sixties decor with exposed brick walls and the occasional touch of bamboo.  The bartenders are friendly and the clientele are a wonderful mix of locals.  The space also offers an outdoor patio in the back that has an increase in value every day the weather gets nicer.   This place has a much different vibe than something you'd find over on Dekalb, but that does not mean that SR doesn't know how to party.  I have seen this place packed to the brim with patrons shaking booty to whatever DJ Sweet Revenge has chosen to host on a particular night.


I'm sure the dancing is inspried mostly by whoever is behind the 1s and 2s; however, some of its exuberance must be attributed to the libations that SR has to offer.  Sweet Revenge's drinks are extremely reasonable and the breadth of what they have to offer runs deep (from the tap to their whiskey and tequila selections).  Their Happy Hour is extremely long -- it runs from 5-9pm -- and offers specials such as a bottle of Bud and a shot of Powers for $7, or $4 well drinks.  Also, the crew at Sweet Revenge are quite the bunch of creative mixolgists,offering their own personal creations like "the white beagle" (bison grass vodka and apple juice) or "the soft opening" (citrus vodka and pink lemonade with freshly squeezed lemons), both for $6.  A main staple of my diet at SR are pints of Amerberbock for $3.

Basically, Sweet Revenge is a place where all can relax and rejoice in true Dionysian fashion.  The address is listed below and I hope to see you there.

348 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238 (718) 398-2472‎ Opens every day at 5pm.