Sound Off at Adelphi Station TONIGHT!

The Local reports today that the manager of the Adelphi Station (11238) Post Office will be on hand at tonight's Community Board 2* meeting.  This grand place (sarcasm) was one of my earliest posts on this blog, and I don't think things have changed much.  Actually, they have.  When I revisited that post just now, I saw that the hours used to be 8-5.  NOW, they're 9-5, making is even harder to go pick up a package (as one is often forced to do). In fact, yesterday I had to come in late to work in order to pick up my wedding invitations.  I hadn't received them yet and when I asked, the vendor tracked the shipment and informed me that they had been waiting at 11238 since May 5.  Do you think I received a package slip?  Of course not.

The line was long, as usual, but a staffmember yelled out (unpleasantly) that whoever had a package pickup should proceed to his window.  So sorry for having to use your as a storage unit for my packages.  Trust me, it's not by choice!

Of course, the guy who waited on me (oddly wearing a snazzy suit and tie - the manager?), was pissy with me for not having the tracking number on hand for him.  I explained that my vendor had tracked the package for me and handed him my license.  He acted as though it was somehow my fault that I did not have the package slip I NEVER RECEIVED, making his life more difficult.  Miraculously, the woman in the back located the package in less than a minute.

I may try to go to this, but if any of you go, please weigh in on how it went.

*For those of you who asked why the parking regulations are not changing south of Fulton - Fulton is the border for CB2 (according to the map I received in the mail for CB2), who is behind the change.  I believe you should check with CB6 or CB8, one of which is probably your CB.