BK Public Library Facing Budget Cuts

Received this from the Children's Librarian at the CH Library. I've asked her to do an interview for CHB, to discuss our local branch, how the BK library system works, and how we as neighbors can best support the CH branch and get involved.  The below is an easy way to email local politicians to ask them for their support for libraries.  Don't forget what a great resource the local branch is - order any book you want online and it will be sent to the CH branch for you free of charge! HELP KEEP LIBRARY DOORS OPEN! Brooklyn Public Library faces a budget cut of $17.5 million.

A $17.5 million budget cut would:

* ELIMINATE 175 jobs through layoffs - that's one out of every six full-time BPL employees. * REDUCE service to five days a week at most neighborhood libraries – with limited weekend hours. * Buy 185,000 FEWER books, DVDs and CDs

These changes would take effect as soon as July 1, 2009.

Visit  www.brooklynpubliclibrary.org/open

Click on “Contact Your Elected Officials”

to let your voice be heard.

Thanks for your support!

Your Friends at Clinton Hill Branch