A Coffee Shop for Grand Avenue

mysterious storefront On an ambitious jog last night, I huffed past the intriguing space on Grand and Clifton.  And... the door was open!

The inside featured exposed brick, and a giant vintagy-looking sofa covered in plastic.

So I knocked and asked the guys inside.  They were just the electricians, but they said they thought the space was slated to be a coffee shop.  As for the opening date, they didn't know.

The inside space looked large, so perhaps it will be a nice complement to Choice (which offers virtually no inside seating, BUT has done a bang up job of adding more benches outside).  At the rate the reno is going (1.5 years so far), it might be open in time for winter, when sitting outside at Choice might not be as appealing.  I doubt they will be able to top the deliciousness that is a Choice chocolate croissant.

January 2008: early stages of rehab