Artist Profiles: CHB Interviews Big Bang TV

bigbangtv Matt Brehony, of band Big Bang TV, explains why you should come to his next show…and why you can’t be a blogger unless you have an opinion about Crocodiles.

A little about his band: Big Bang TV is what happens when four people who can't agree on anything try to make music.  Matt is a singer/songwriter, Scott is a hip/hop DJ and producer, Joe was metal drummer turned electronic musician, Andrea's last gig was playing accordion for a female folk trio.

Frantic, post-punk guitars stumble in and out of pools of atari synth and turntable chirps.  Male/female vocals lazily dance around each other until they’re swept up by a driving break beat and booming bass. It’s music that is both catchy and complex, intimate and epic, comforting yet slightly creepy.

How long have you lived in the ‘hood?

Two years this July.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene as a musician? Is there anywhere in particular you like to go to see shows in the neighborhood?

One of the best concerts I've seen anywhere was Chocolate Genius at the Five Spot.  This was like five years ago...long before I lived in Clinton Hill.  The performance, the venue and the crowd were just perfect.  It was one of the few times I've been to show with an audience that was truly diverse (in just about every sense of the word).  It was like everything I had fantasized New York being back when I lived suburbs of Virginia.

Quite stupidly, I haven't been back to the Five Spot since and it's a single block from my house.  It's similar to how I used to take the bus from DC to New York to visit the MOMA and, now that I literally work across the street from it, I can't find the time. ...hmm, maybe I'll hit both this weekend.

When’s your next show and why should we attend?

Why, I am delighted you asked.  It's Saturday, June 20th at The Mercury Lounge.

Reasons to attend our performance:

1) We're a really good live band--we will WORK HARD for you! 2) Mercury is an excellent place to see show 3) We're playing with Arpline (formerly The Kiss Off) who we'd be a huge fans of even if we weren't also good friends with them 4) We're also playing with Crocodiles, of whom apparently everyone on the internet has an opinion.  If you wish to be a contributing member of the blogosphere you should form this opinion fast and expresses it vociferously and anonymously. 5) This may be our last show until our album release party in late September.

You can listen to Hollywood by Big Bang TV here and find out more about the band at their website.