Tish James and Office to Facilitate Donations

Leticia James and her office will facilitate donations to those who lost their home yesterday in the building collapse.  Especially in need is a teenage girl named Caitlyn who now needs clothing for her high school graduation.  From the Team Tish blog: "The building had a list of violations on it, including an unrepaired crack running along the side. The collapse damaged a residential building next store, leaving those residents without a home. A young woman, Caitlyn, who is graduating from public school this Thursday was a victim of the collapse, and now needs attire appropriate for her graduation. If you are interested in helping her, please make-out your donation to “Jose Nunez”. All checks can be brought or mailed to PS 157 at 850 Kent Avenue [Principal Torres]. If you can donate clothing to Caitlyn, or wish to donate to any victim, please email us at teamtish@gmail.com where we may be able to facilitate such a donation. We will expand on this situation as more details come forth."