Green Fort Greene + Clinton Hill Meeting: July 20

Green Fort Greene + Clinton Hill will meet July 20, 7:00 pm, at Irondale (in the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church) 85 South Oxford Street. The Very Good News – Greener and Cleaner

***  Thanks to Council Member Tish James, the City has allocated $130,000 for “Take Back the Pavement,” our project to expand the tree pits which are choking our mature trees.  At least 330 tree pits will be expanded.  Vaidila Kungys organized this project.  Preliminary surveys by many volunteers got the necessary information in the right hands on short notice.  More below.

***  After much encouragement by Green FG&CH, the Departments of Transportation and Parks are about to build two little parks to replace the horrid plastic and striping at 7 Corners (Fulton, South Oxford, Hanson and Greene).  The roadwork will be done in July and August and the planting in the fall.  The plan is attached.

***  The Parks and Sanitation Departments will start recycling on a pilot basis at Fort Greene Park, Cuyler Gore Park and Underwood Playground this month. Green FG&CH volunteers Demetrios Yatrakis (arranged for storage of recyclables) and Ramon Factora (signage) have made it happen.

And You

A couple of hours working on a project will make a big difference.  Come to the meeting on July 20 and see how you can help.  Topic A:  explore maximizing the number of tree pits “Take Back the Pavement” will expand with the City’s money.  Set up the surveying and data collection for the project. Go after more money.

Topic B:  Green Practices for Businesses: a group of local business owners have developed a code of green practices.  We now have to take it to the streets and get many businesses to sign on.  We also need graphics for several aspects of the project and a data base to track who is participating and what is working.  In addition to the green practises that are ready to go, research is needed to launch more, bolder ideas.

Topic C:  "No Ad" sign update.  What’s next?