Capital One Opens on Fulton Street

Capital One Bank celebrated its grand opening on Thursday, last week.  Their press release stated that the area has been designated a Banking Development District by New York State: Section 96-d of the Banking Law, entitled 'Banking Development Districts' is designed to encourage the establishment of bank branches in those areas where there is a demonstrated need for banking services. An aim of BDD’s is to enhance access by consumers, who may have no banking relationship, to become part of the financial mainstream and to promote local economic development. It is further anticipated that the establishment of a bank branch will provide a foundation to stimulate the local economy by enhancing access to capital for local businesses.

The Local was on the scene.  (The grand opening was held at 11am on a weekday, so CHB was unable to attend.)

Can someone please tell HSBC about this so-called banking district?

(ALSO- this new bank was allegedly robbed on Saturday.  So much for a welcome wagon!)