Another Local Bike Shop

Like many industries in the 'hood, it seems like we've gone from desert to oasis.  Case on point: bike shops.  Bicycle Station has moved from Prospect Heights to Wallabout, while Bespoke opened a few months ago on Lafayette in Fort Greene. A reader recently emailed me endorsing an east-side bike shop:

I ride a bicycle...I think bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation in the city...And bike shops should be our hero's.  All too often we walk into bike shops and are met with cocky owners and mechanics who once realize you're not REALLY going to spend any money ignore you or give you some lip.  I take pride in my purchasing power as should everyone when penny pinching becomes the standard...anyway...Lit Fuse Cyclery is located on Willoughby and Walworth right across from the Home Depot...The owners there are the most down to earth guys I've ever met...It's the only shop that has couches everywhere to just hang out...and they can fix any bike you can possibly get your hands on...not to mention if you hang out while they fix your bike they'll most times coach you on proper bicycle repair and SHOW you what's right and wrong...that may seem counterproductive on their part but these guys aren't in it for the money...they are all about self sustaining and believe in empowering everyone to fix their own rides they've invested money I said...they actually care...

Bike shops come and go....and these guys don't deserve to go.  If you ride a bike you should stop in yourself.

The services are cheap...product installations are almost free...and they have all the cool stuff you need...fenders, baskets, accessories, etc.

Has anyone checked out Lit Fuse?  If so, is it as heavenly as my tipster reports?  Anyone with a bike on the eastern end of the 'hood might want to check it out.  Per their website, they also rent bikes, which is pretty cool.  Not sure if any of the other local shops offer this service - and what a great thing to do locally when you have out of town guests visiting!