Yoga at the Park: A Review

On Tuesday night, I was finally able to check out the free yoga in Fort Greene Park.  Held at the top of the hill near the monument every Tuesday from 7-8 pm, almost 30 students (a handful of whom had never done yoga before) gathered to sweat it out in 90 degree park

Teacher Lindsay Sage started out with the very basic moves, and eventually moved to more advanced poses (half moon, anyone?).  Students at all levels definitely got something out of the session (though I'd suggest beginners take a few very basic classes on their own to learn the breathing techniques and body positioning).  The pacing and the poses were perfect for me (a few years ago, I did yoga regularly but haven't been practicing as of late).

Technique aside, it was an amazing experience.  It was hot as a sauna, but we were surrounded by nature sounds (cicadas  buzzing, birds singing), and were treated to the occasional breeze.  Children played nearby, and a few people practiced juggling.  A young couple sat and watched our class, nuring their baby.  Lying on our backs and looking up at the clouds -- as well as the illumintaed monument once the sun set -- was very meditative.

Sage hopes to continue her free Tuesday classes into October.  Bring your mat and check it out!

(We were briefly interrupted by a fully naked man lying on the grass shouting obscenities, until 5 cop cars drove up onto the grass and took him away.  Ahh, Brooklyn.)