Saturday is Clinton Hill Day

dsc01417-copy (pic by Clinton Hill Chill)

Clinton Hill Day, a neighbor-organized celebration, takes place tomorrow in the PS11 park.  I asked Clinton Hill Chill, one of the event's founders, to tell me more about the event's history and what will be going on this weekend (the 11th annual event).

1. What is Clinton Hill Day and how did it start?

- Clinton Hill Day is a Community, family and friends BBQ/Park Jam. It started 11 years ago by a group of us, teens to early twenties, initially for one of their birthdays. We pooled our monies together, for a dj, tables & chairs, cotton candy & snowcone machine plus enough food to feed the whole hood. In the 70's to early 80's this kind of thing was commonplace, but there's a whole era, that missed out on this. Seeing so many people, from elders to kids, having a good time, we decided to have it every year thereafter as a day to celebrate the neighborhood and community we come from.

2. What kinds of activities usually take place?

-There's usually some games for the kids. Every year there's also a dance routine put on by some of the neighborhood kids. For me as an adult its just a day to grill out, kick it with family, friends, neighbors, listen to music and absorb everything I love about the hood.

3. If a neighbor wants to drop by and share in the fun, what can we bring?  Food?  Games?

-Everyone is welcome! Unless your coming to challenge someone to a throwdown ala Bobby Flay I don't think bringing food is a necessity. A lot of people bring there own grills-myself included but there's also a community grill to feed everyone...if you want to bring something feel free. Also make sure to bring positive energy and good vibes, there can never be enough of that!

4. Who comes up with the cool t-shirt ideas? [the 'Clinton Hill Chill' t-shirts originated at this event a few years back]

My friend Twin who's been a key organizer of Clinton Hill Day from day and Guz Designs located on Putnam betw. & Grand ave & Cambridge place. The first few years it would have the date and year but since he stopped doing that shirts have become some what of a hood staple.

See you there!