First Friday Art Parties Return to RePop

September is upon us, and RePop's hosting a First Friday art event on Friday, September 4. It's always a good crowd. ffsept09

Event: The 11th Hour "Fine Art & Illustrations by Amy M. Asher & Arian Gimbutas" What: Exhibit Host: RePop NY Start Time: Friday, September 4 at 7:30pm End Time: Friday, September 4 at 11:00pm Where: RePOP 95% Recycled

First Fridays have returned and by popular demand, RePOP is proud to feature once again the work of Amy M. Asher and Arian Gimbutas.

Amy's work derives from nature; she uses what she sees and transforms the obvious. The landscapes she creates are part illusory, what you might see as if you were squinting at a landscape, or driving fast and watching the blurred hills and fields and trees rush past. Some of her work is shaped on what, at first, seems a simple background, but the canvases are really layers upon layers of material put on, scraped off, put on, written on or covered up. These are landscapes, landscape of the mind, memory, and imagery. Growing up in Kansas she creates work that tends to lean toward this feeling of vastness and isolation, the kind of feeling a lone barn sitting in an open field might inspire, for example. These are the kinds of images she sees in her minds-eye, the shapes she draw from and manipulates, playing with the harmony of composition, color and form.

Working in black ink and bleach, Arian allows images work themselves out through a sort of Rorschach test ink blob.  Further refining them by pulling tones out with bleach, he presents them as a sort of icon for both the real and unreal, the natural and the synthetic.

This particular collection, all created within the last two years, offers a beautiful entrance into the fall season with an adornment of abstract landscapes, illustrative renderings and unique musings.

(There's even more reason to head up to Wallabout these days - have a tasty pizza at Il Porto, or try the newly revamped Mojito; buy some groceries at Fresh Fanatic; take a dip in the cold plunge pools at Body by Brooklyn; etc.)