Unsavory Campaign Tactics

Here at CHB, we usually leave the political reporting to other sites.  However, we received a compelling email in the inbox that seemed worthy of discussion: I'm a Clinton Hill resident and I'm somewhat interested/involved in local politics. Today, I was enjoying some coffee along Fulton Street, and I didn't believe what I saw. Around 3:00pm, I saw around 10-12 young women carrying Delia Hunnly signs in front of Tish James' campaign office. None of these girls could have been over 16 years of age, and they were a loud, rude, gyrating crew. I didn't see from which direction they arrived, but they were walking back and forth maybe 2 blocks of Fulton (that included Tish's campaign office), so I couldn't imagine they were there for any other reason but to heckle Tish's campaign people.

It seems really disrespectful, unprofessional, and a bit sad that Delia has to resort to sending children to taunt her opponent [and they did taunt, I overheard them saying, "You should work for Dee! She pays gooood!" to the office, who as far as I could tell ignored the entire event]. Furthermore, this is really disrespectful to the neighbors and businesses to send these loud children into our community for this foolishness. Delia should be thoroughly embarrassed, because I am embarrassed for her. I am not a hard "Tish supporter", but this has made the choice for me. I have attached photos I took on my cell phone as proof, and I am sending this email to all the media I could find online or had already, because this kind of behavior needs to be exposed.

By the way, the word in the street is that there are constant "poster" problems with Delia's campaign persons (probably these children or ones like them) ripping down posters of Tish and the other opponent. As a resident, I can attest that the "support" as far as storefront visibility changes drastically on a daily basis.
Have any other readers seen anything like this?  What did you think?
(For the record, Lesterhead is a Tish supporter.)