First Friday at RePop: October 2

From RePop, hosting another fabulous First Friday: The seasons seem to have changed at the speed of light and autumn has arrived!  Thus a new First Friday is upon us where RePOP is proud to clear its walls and open its doors for another fantastic show.

This October we feature a viewing not to be missed by Scott Graeber.

120Since the age of eighteen every job that Mr. Graeber has had centered around death and the disassembling of the human body.  Over twenty years of such work has pushed him into a permanent melancholy.  His art, however, has flourished under these circumstances, even as the rest of his life (and body) gradually dissolves.

Several years of figurative study have brought him to a point where he is satisfied these experiences can be translated to clay or canvas.

Why frescos?

"In a world where electronics are replacing our ears, eyes and skin, natural material has becoming critical.  As our souls fade people have started to cling to everything home made.  From farmers markets to hand knit socks we are searching for whatever seems fundamentally real.  The nuclear age has kicked our asses and left us feeling hollow.  Wood, copper, lime, sand and minerals, these things are all sound and real.  They are fresco.  When a fresco is started you only have a few hours to work before it's all over.  When the lime is fixed the mineral pigments are bound for as long as the wall stands.  No time to correct errors, no second thoughts, what's done is done - beautiful.  This is why I do fresco." ~ Scott Graeber

This particular collection offers a an entrance into the season with an adornment of renderings and unique musings.

The shop will be open for business on this special evening offering a first hand glimpse at Graeber's collection.

Join us at the shop on October 2nd and enjoy a wonderful evening of art and wine.

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