Halloween in the Hill

October is here, folks, and that means it's time to start gearing up for HALLOWEEN (Lesterhead's favorite holiday).  Unfortunately, LH will be honeymooning for a big chunk of the month, which means no Haunted House series this year (plus, the last few years readers asked it to be put out of its misery).  I may try to feature a few of my favorites later in the month.  If you're new to CHB, you can check out the past haunted! series here. hallo1

The folks at 313 Clinton have been planning this year's extravaganza since Nov 1, 2008.  They even have a website for this year's event!  The theme will be Carnival of Carnage, and I'm told there will be fire twirlers.  The first banner is already up.  Halloween falls on a Saturday this year - get ready, people!