Fort Greene Park Dance Parties?

A reader writes:

I was wondering if you knew what was up with the dance party in the park that seems to happen every Sunday??  They set up a couple of seriously loud speakers by the park and play house music for HOURS.  I remember this happening when I used to live in the neighborhood five years ago as well.
I haven't actually seen this, but a quick Google search yielded this information:
a Mu5ic Series -- FREE Outdoor Dance Parties in Brooklyn running from Aug 29 - Oct 10, 2009 @ Von King Park and Fort Greene Park

Featuring House, Funk, Soul, & Club Classics by DJ Legend, DJ Greg, DJ Ron, Phantom P, and Donny

DATES & LOCATIONS ( 2pm - 9pm ) w/ our GUEST DJs

Aug 29, 2009 -- feat. Guest DJ Markus Rice (at Von King Park)

Sept 05, 2009 -- feat. Guest DJ Jovonn (at Von King Park)

Sept 12, 2009 -- feat. Guest DJ Cloud 9 (at Von King Park)

Sept 19, 2009 -- feat Guest DJ Lil Ray (at Von King Park)

Sept 20, 2009 -- feat. Guest DJ Ray Vazquez (at Fort Greene Park) 2pm - 8pm

Sept 27, 2009 -- Plus another round ... (at Fort Greene Park) 2pm - 8pm

October 10, 2009 -- Summer2009's CLOSEOUT JAM (at Von King Park)

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