SCH Meeting: Thursday

Society for Clinton Hill General Meeting November 19, 2009, 7 – 9 pm St. Angela Hall, St. Joseph’s College, 267 Waverly Ave., (DeKalb/Willoughby)

AGENDA 7:00     Refreshments featuring a local restaurant Halloween recap in pictures.  WOW! Clinton Hill is Halloween !

7:30     Welcome and announcements, Dave Haberer, President

7:40     New Business Introductions: *Fresh Fanatic, a new natural and organic market at 88 Washington Ave. *Stem, a new flower and gift shop on So. Oxford St., near Fulton

7:50     Meet Your Neighbors: Food, wonderful food, just in time...

Michael Allen, from the bakery on Fulton with the same name, will          demonstrate how to make those wonderful chocolate covered strawberries     and will take questions.

Anna Kovel, from Martha Stewart Living Magazine, will offer another    cooking demonstration and will also take questions.

Suzanne DeBrango, board member and excellent cook, will give us an update on the newly forming Food Co-op.

8:30     Update on Atlantic Yards, Candace Carpontor, esq. Review of what is happening with the lawsuits.

8:50     OPEN MIC Sign up at the door to make your 1 minute announcement.

Making natural wreaths: visit Brent Porter’s table before and after the meeting to get pointers on how to make beautiful wreaths from neighborhood plant offerings.  The birds like them too.

Remember: -Come and pick up your free “No Flyer” cards. -Update your membership or give us corrections to your information. -No meeting in December. Next meeting: Thursday, January 21, 2010. -Landmark books for sale at meeting.  $15 each, cash.