Plenty: The Ultimate Guide to Life and Leisure in Clinton Hill / Fort Greene

Jelani Bandele, a four-decade resident of Clinton Hill, is readying to publish her second edition of Plenty, a guide featuring listings of brick & mortar and home-based businesses, houses of worship, community organizations, restaurants, bars, web sites, Wi-Fi locations, elected officials, history, ongoing events and more in the neighborhood.  To be green, the guide will be printed on-demand. The first guide was printed in 2003.  It just predates my time in the neighborhood, so I'm eager to see what the new guide will look like.

I spoke with Jelani about her timing, and how businesses that have opened since 2003 can be included:

Why did you decide to publish the second edition in 2010? I was prompted to get to work on an update when the neighborhoods began to experience a large influx of people from other boroughs and overseas, a large number of ethnic restaurants, cafes and other businesses, began opening en masse; and residential development seemed endless.  So much has changed, including some of our elected officials, that the first edition is almost obsolete.

Will businesses that have opened since 2003 need to ask you to be included? We've done our homework, so new businesses don't have to ask to be included.  However, to be sure, we have opened the door so that businesses opened since July 2003 and those that are still under the radar, with plans to open by the end of May 2010, may contact us via email ( to see if we have them listed and to provide us with specific information.  Details on getting listed in Plenty may be found at our blog and in the Notes section on our Facebook page.

The cover of Plenty 2010 will be revealed in late December or early January.

Thanks, Jelani, and we look forward to seeing the new guide! Check out the guide's blogspot siteFacebook page and  Twitter account.