Thank You to a Good Samaritan

We always go through phases here where we get increased reports of crime, of muggings, of the callousness of life in the city. But one reader took the time out to email in a thank-you to a Good Samaritan on the G train last week:

To the wonderful kind person who found my iPhone this morning at the Clinton/Washington G train stop,

I can think of no other way than this to sincerely thank for turning my iPhone in to the station manager. After scrambling around all morning trying to figure out the enormous steps I would have to take to recover everything, I was totally bowled over to discover that my phone was not a complete loss.  You have saved me far more than the money it would have taken to get a new phone.  You are totally awesome, thank you thank you thank you.

Best regards, Sara

It's nice to know we're still looking out for one another here.