We're Back!

Thanks for your patience, everyone.  It took longer than I'd hoped, but CHB is now virus free and we're ready to move along. I've felt for the last few weeks that I've let my long-time readers down, since  I have been able to post here almost every weekday for the last (almost) four years.  This incident was frustrating because the site will probably never allow me to work on it as a full-time job, and as life gets more busy it is nearly impossible to address urgent blog matters as soon as they arise.  Please know that I worked diligently to get back online, and that often times my personal and paying obligations must come first.

That said, as always, we welcome contributions from residents who are interested in writing and obvserving the neighborhood to help keep the site going and the topics vibrant. Interested? Email clintonhillblog-at-gmail-dot-com.

Please bear with me while I play catch up on all of my outstanding posts!

xoxo- Lesterhead