BREAKING: Drive By Shooting on Clinton and Greene

So I was just on my way out to Alibi, to meet Mr. Lesterhead to watch the Ohio U game, when I saw cops directing traffic off of Clinton Avenue.  I turned around and saw some flashing lights, so I took a detour.  And what I found was not good.

From what I could piece together from the witnesses on the street, a car drove by quickly and fired three shots.  A middle aged man went down, but apparently the bullet hit his wallet and he wasn't hurt (and if so, not seriously).  When I arrived, the man was still on the ground, but was sitting up (and texting when he was on the stretcher).

Witnesses who heard and saw the shooting were shocked.  One man said, "It happened to quick, you know, and it's so quiet around here now.  I heard the pops and I saw him laying down."

Apparently the cops were on the scene in a flash and they were rolling out the crime scene tape when I headed back inside to post this.  (Note to self: set up Wordpress iPhone app!).

The good news: the victim seemed mostly, if not completely, fine.  The bad news: who is doing a drive-by shooting at 9pm at a middle aged man walking by himself?!

PS- you heard it first on Clinton Hill Blog!