Celebrate Earth Day at Habana Outpost

Our favorite local eco-eatery is hosting a full day of fun to help celebrate the 40th annual earth day!  Schedule is below.  I'm most intrigued by the beekeeping seminar!  (In case you missed it, beekeeping just became legal in NYC!) Sean Meenan presents Earth Day Expo at Habana Outpost Saturday, April 17th 2010 Join us to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day with a day full of free workshops and events for the whole family!

Kid’s Corner:  12-6pm All day long there will be free arts & crafts, games, and entertainment for children focusing on recycling and nature:

FINDERS KEEPERS!!!! TOSSERS WEEPERS!!!:  Saturday 1 – 3pm Recycling within your environment with Habana Works and the Leadership Learning Lab.  This hands-on workshop will explore how to reuse what’s in your home, community and environment—or in this case, what’s at Habana Outpost!  Children will be asked to go on a scavenger hunt through the courtyard and use what they find to create new objects, or give old objects new purpose and meaning.

The ABC’s of Bees and Beekeeping:  12 – 5pm Local beekeeper John Howe (New York City Beekeeping Meetup) will explain how honey is made with a live observation hive and arts & crafts projects.

Free Eco- Face Painting:  12-6pm Let us turn your kid into butterflies, ladybugs and bumblebees…and while they’re at it, they can learn how important these insects are to our environment!

Eco-Fashion:  3 – 4pm Find it, recycle it, rock the runway in it!  Join us for the 2nd annual Scrap Kins Kids Repurposed Fashion Show where local kids will be strutting their eco-stuff front and center for all the courtyard to see!

Electronic Waste Recycling:  10am - 4pm The Lower East Side Ecology Center (LESEC) will be collecting your unwanted electronic waste in their e-waste container.  http://www.lesecologycenter.org/ Composting Workshops for Adults:  12 - 6pm Brought to you by The NYC Compost Project at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, funded by the Department of Sanitation, these fun workshops will teach you how to make the most of your trash and start composting at home. http://www.nyccompost.org

Shop Green:  12 - 6pm Local vendors and designers will showcase green products and services in an outdoor market.  Featuring: Still Hip Brooklyn, Via Nativa and Recycle a Bicycle.

Get Involved:  12 – 6pm Meet local eco-minded groups and individuals to find out how you can get involved!  Participating Groups: Green Home NYC, Greene Harvest CSA, Manhattan Young Democrats – Environmental Committee, and Transportation Alternatives, Greene Hill Co-op, and Fort Greene Compost Project.

Please visit our website for more information - www.habanaoutpost.com or call 718 858 9500. Habana Outpost - 757 Fulton Street