Keeping the Neighborhood Green

Looking for a way to volunteer for Earth Day?  Join Green Fort Greene and Clinton Hill this wknd and help hang "No Ad" signs to keep unsolicited paper advertisements off of stoops. (Someone needs to get these in the hands of the company who is constantly slipping plastic slipcover ads under my door.) On April 24, join our dozens of volunteers who will get 1,000 "No Ad" signs up throughout the neighborhood. 10 am - noon.  You will be able to cover two blocks  and together we will cover about 50 blocks. You will be greeted with gratitude.  The signs prevent advertisers (like supermarkets and Kohls) from leaving unsolicited ads on our gates and doorsteps.  They work.   Take your sweetheart or the kids, spend a couple of hours, make people happy and make a big difference.  Volunteer: contact