The Winner: Senegalese Summer

Thanks to all the great entries for free admission to Senegalese Summer at Le Grand Dakar!  It was a tough decision, but we picked the entry that best described  a Clinton Hill experience.  Congrats to Samantha V! I hope you'll all attend and enjoy the sangria -- and have some for me.  Sadly, Lesterhead has an evening work event.

Long before I knew that Pierre was an acclaimed Chef with a cookbook in stores and a fabulous restaurant in our neighborhood, he was my new neighbor with the bright and warm smile.

I moved to Clinton Hill in 2004 to a block that still had defunct factories and boarded up churches, so very rarely would I see neighbors as I traveled to and from my daily destinations. But one day as I came out of my brownstone, a gentleman was coming out of his dwelling. He smiled and said 'Good Morning' and that became our ritual- to greet each other at the train station or bus stop and discuss neighborhood and social happenings, as neighbors do.

Shortly after, my mate and I decided to try out a Senegalese restaurant in our hood. We sit down at the bar, and ease into what promises to be a nice relaxing dinner. I ordered the coconut curried mussels with yuca frites. As I am deep in conversation, guess who descends from the kitchen with my meal? Non other than Pierre, my neighbor!

Here is a man with so much reason to brag or walk with his nose up in the air, yet he remains so humble. Like me, he understands that sometimes just being one's beloved neighbor, is all the nobriety one needs:)

This is why I would love the opportunity to celebrate with my 'neighbor' and congratulate him on his great new opportunity!

Thank You and Congrats Pierre!

Samantha V, Clinton Hill