My Favorite Haunted House: Finally For Sale

When I first moved to the neighborhood, almost the entire row of houses on the east side of Waverly between Greene and Gates were boarded up.  Now, just one remains.  It's long been a favorite of mine, as I watched its neighbors get redone and once again become beautiful homes. Now, this last shell standing is for sale, through Brooklyn Properties.


This purchase is not for someone looking to move right in.  The listing states:

Shell property in Historic Clinton Hill for sale by auction on November 12, 2:30 pm in Judge Betsy Barros' Chambers, State Supreme Court, 360 Adames St. Part 76G, room 575, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Requirement: Buyer must be prepared to make immediate emergency repairs to back wall and roof. Both DOB and LPC are prepared to expedite permits for repairs.

Price: $450,000

I hope someone will give this place the love it needs.

Haunted House Series '08

A commenter recently asked if I'd be doing my annual Haunted House series this year.  The answer is NO, at least not how I did it last year.  The reasons for this are: 1. It took me days of work last year to find 31 creepy houses, upload the photos and photoshop them, and draft up the posts with locations and witty comments.  This year, I do not have the time.

2. Last year, I was inundated with comments like, "This is so annoying!" and "Let this series die already!"

Anyway, I still love all things haunty, so I'll be doing a Haunted House of the Week I will also be taking reader submissions! If you have a favorite creepy house in the neighborhood, email it to clintonhillblog-at-gmail-dot-com, and include its location.  Also, try to send a very small file, like less than 100k.  It will make my life so much easier.

And without further ado, here is our Haunted House of the Week!  Happy October :)

This house isn't even visible from the street!  You have to peek through the plywood that's hiding it.

park bt emerson and steuben

(Park Ave bt Emerson and Steuben)


Do you want to be involved in the annual Halloween performance at 313 Clinton Avenue?  If so, we need your help!  We need extras to be in costume during the show and dancers to perform a one-minute routine. The theme, as always, is TOP SECRET.

If you want to be a regular extra, you'll need to be ready at 313 on Friday, October 31 around 4pm.  Dancers will need to report at the same time and be available for a few short rehearsals prior to Halloween.

Interested?  Email clintonhillblog-at-gmail-dot-com.

tombstones at 313 clinton ave

Haunted Mansion For Sale!!

forsale Everyone's favorite Haunted Mansion in Clinton Hill has been put up for sale!!!  Rumor has it that the owner has lived here for years without electricity and heat.  The yard is always overgrown, but there's always a nice selection of planters on the balcony.

Brownstoner has more history and info.  Apparently the place is going to need a complete gut renovation on the inside.  And at $3.995M, that seems a little steep.  Who has the cash for something like this?

Can't wait for an open house.

Mysterious Wreck on Bedford

I smelled this building before I saw it, on Bedford and Gates (1124 Bedford). It's the smell of damp, rotting wood. I've smelled it before when old haunted houses get pried open for renovations. crumbling

piles of brick and debris

The place is huge. According to Brownstoner, the building was once the Bed-Stuy Community Mental Health Center. A Google search for the organization puts it currently at 1121 Bedford, just across the street (the same address as the YMCA). How long was this building in use? How long has it been closed?

former mental health center...spooooky