New Goods on Myrtle

100_1655.jpg The days of "Murder Avenue" seem long gone. Might as well call it Marvelous Avenue. Jay notified me about some NEW openings, so Mallow and I did a walk-by last night. I really like Myrtle, much more than Fulton. I'm glad Jay's so close to Myrtle so he can keep an eye out for new stuff.

I noticed this sushi place -- Yamashiro -- a few weeks ago, but completely forgot about it until he mentioned it to me.

100_1632.jpg 100_1659.jpg 100_1633.jpg

The menu and the inside of the restaurant look fairly generic, as far as design. But we all know that good design does not excellent food make! Jay and I will be trying this out asap and I will report back.

More exciting is Polish Bar Brooklyn. I'm not the only one who automatically assumed it was Polish, like the country. My new rollerskating friends from Rope thought the same. But no, it's pawww-lish, as in nail. It appears to be a trendy, upscale nail salon! Hopefully serving alcohol as well. It opens July 22.

100_1634.jpg 100_1637.jpg 100_1635.jpg

I may end up staying true to my local cheap-o nail salon, Charming Nail (Waverly Ave. between Lafayette and Greene), depending on the prices. When it comes down to mani-pedi, convenience is key. 100_1657.jpg

And now, one more supercute shot of Mallow: 100_1656.jpg