Deep Fried Pizza?

I haven't had the time to actually check this out in person yet, but the description sounds intriguing: Hi, I just wanted to tell you about a new pizza place that is on Myrtle right off Classon. I think it's called Vino's, though I don't quiet remember right should probably double check that...It's in the same spot that another pizza place used to be but it's a new name / new owners and unlike the last spot, this one is actually really good. Not sure if I can say it's better than il porto pizza, but they do have deep fried slices and I doubt any other clinton hill spot has that....

Deep fried pizza!  I've never heard of this period, never mind just in Clinton Hill!  Might be worth a trip back to the Hill to check this out.

Have you tried it?

CHB Reviews: Dino

The new restaurant that's taken the place of LouLou - Dino - is now open, and last night I checked it out with Kath Hansen of PUPS. I had only been to LouLou a few times, but Kath remarked on the "great reno job" on the inside.


The back yard was small and cute, clean and simple.


The bread had one of the most delicious dipping bowls I have ever encountered. The olive oil was enhanced with mashed olives, along with tiny pieces of orange rind for extra flavor.


Kath had the chicken, as she says "you can judge a restaurant by its chicken."  She gave it two thumbs up, for both quality and portion size (she took half of it home with her).


I had the rigatoni, also delicious and a generous portion.


And the icing on the cake: the staff overheard Kath mention that she was taking me out for my birthday and they brought me a gigantic piece of tiramisu on the house.


Service was wonderful- friendly and helpful staff, a great sounding selection of seasonal cocktails (we opted for the rose, which was crisp and great for summer -- but we think this place would be worth stopping in to for a fancy drink!), they already have liquor license and take credit cards (which is not so common for new restaurants in this neck of the woods).  Pricing was "around the same as LouLou," per Kath, but "better than LouLou."  Simply put from me: delicious food, great staff, and they have their sh*t together.

(Sorry, I didn't have my nice camera with me!)

Dino 222 DeKalb Ave

Beny's Delice Opens on Fulton nr Clinton

Welcome to another new business on Fulton!  A new bakery's opened on Fulton between Vanderbilt and Clinton, on the same strip with Chance, Olivino, Bar livino, Just Taste It, etc.  I think this might fill a big void for folks on the way to the C train at Clinton-Washington.  Have you been in early yet? I stopped in quickly after work for a chocolate croissant ($2.25, smaller and non-greasy, bready), but I'm due for a longer visit in the morning when the selection's fresh and full.




The hours are (I think) 7am-10pm.  Props for the open early - open late.

Wasabi: OPEN

IMG_1225-150x150 Wasabi, the new Japanese place on Fulton at Waverly, is open for business!  For now, they're offering 10% off of a meal to celebrate grand opening.

Sorry I didn't get better shots, but it was a snap decision to dine when I saw the flags heralding the open doors.

Mr. Lesterhead and I enjoyed sushi there last night.  First impressions: very friendly service, good prices, some tasty special rolls.  We split the spicy roll combo and two special rolls (Birthday roll and Christmas roll). Wasabi offers several roll combos- 3 rolls with soup AND salad for around ten bucks (this is a lot of food for $10!  Who else gives both soup AND salad?).  The combo rolls were on the small side, but tasty nonetheless.  The Christmas roll was fine, but the Birthday roll was excellent (shrimp tempura with some other delicious ingredients).

The space is small but nice- maybe 3-4 booths and a few small tables.  For both of us who left stuffed - sushi and green tea - the bill was under $30.

I was surprised more people weren't there, but I wonder if being in between the two C train exits means not as many people walk past?  Maybe it just opened last night?

If you happen to live down this way, definitely check it out.

(I did not look closely at the check to see if they had taken 10% off.)

Sushi for Fulton

wasabi I just noticed a new sushi restaurant opening on Fulton and Waverly called Wasabi 1.  I wonder how they'll stack up to our other nearby raw fish haunts.  (For the record, my favorite is still Sushi D - D ROLL = YUMMY)

Things seem to be taking off down on Fulton - maybe a result of FAB?

Also, I thought I had seen a post on this on another local blog but now I can't find it.  So apologies to an original poster! Here it is on Brownstoner!

Just called the number on the awning and no answer, which I'm taking to mean it's not yet open.

Feliz Brooklyn

outside Feliz On Saturday, I happened past the mysterious new store on DeKalb, once home to Urban Spring and Picnic, two failed eateries.  I had heard rumors that it was a shoe store, but that clearly wasn't the case once inside.  The store, called Feliz Brooklyn, celebrated its opening that day and offers a small selection of shoes for kids and adults, jewelry, aprons, Tocca candles and lotion, greeting cards, home decor, antiques and more. Owner Lilly Genevieve said that the store will carry some items year-round, while other items will be sole seasonally (sandals, umbrellas, etc). Her husband, from Argentina, built all of the display shelving.

The store was bustling with people, and most passers-by stopped in to take a peak.  Maybe people were curious as to what was next for the space.  Or maybe retail, and not food, is the right fit for this particular storefront.

Feliz on DeKalb

Feliz Brooklyn

Feliz Brooklyn 185 DeKalb Ave

Buka: Have You Been Yet?

Reader Ursula just reminded me that Buka's having its soft opening on Fulton.  She says:

i don't  see anything about it on your blog yet, but Buka on Fulton is now (softly) open. i peeked inside, it looks nice, exposed brick, wooden floors & bar - it was all pretty bare on sunday... i'm attaching a pic of menu & window... personally while we already have Joloff right on the corner of st.james/fulton (i was really hoping for something else...), and here's yet another african restaurant, this one looks "classier"... so let's hope it's tasty and becomes a good dining/drinking option in this neck of CH.

I meant to give it a try late last week, but the focus on spicy on the menu dissuade me for the time being.  The prices look really reasonable - bravo.

Have you been yet?  What's your reaction?  I'll try to go in the next few days.

Here's the coverage from B'stoner.

A Gastro-Pub for Western Bed Stuy

Bed-Stuy Blog tipped me off to this brand-new gastropub open on Bedford near Lafayette called Black Swan. The menu was designed by former Brown Betty chef Cynthia Walker. (more on Brown Betty in our next post).  Man, this place looks amazing.  Has anyone tried it yet? I have some friends who lived near here in 2001 and I bet they'd be shocked to come back now.

Wine Shop on Atlantic?

I've been having a problem with the CHB comments (meaning they're not getting sent to my email), so I apologize if I am delayed in responding to anything. But I just noticed a comment about a new wine shop on Atlantic, down near where the fresh fruit shop operated briefly.  I'll try to check it out this week, but if anyone has any details, please leave them in the comments.

UPDATE: Here's more info from the Village Voice.

ABC Pet Supply Coming to DeKalb

abcpet abcpet2 The fun hat store on DeKalb closed recently, and a pet store will open in its place.  The merchandise has been loaded in over the last week.  No idea yet what it will be like, but this past weekend I could see a whole selection of cat trees / scratching posts in the window.

Will this be an outpost of the ABC Pet Supply on PPW in Windsor Terrace?  (I've never been there - just did a quick Google search).

Negative points for the unimaginative name; positive points for the hearty supply of scratching posts.  What do you think?

(Aside - I remember when there was at most one pet store nearby.  I think perhaps we're reaching our saturation point of pet services.)

Clinton Hill Psychic Coming to Myrtle

Thanks to the awesome reader who sent in this scoop!

A psychic will be opening shop in the former home of Sushi Okdol on Myrtle Ave!

Our tipster spoke to a contractor working there, who said that there would be a store on site "selling all sorts of books / posters / cards associated with the psychic lifestyle." Awesome.

I've always wondered how clairvoyants can afford to pay rent in NYC.  Do they have a regular customer base?  Also, there is a typo on this sign (unless "Taror" cards are different from Tarot cards).

I will gamely try this place out when it opens and assess for accuracy.

(Anyone sad about the departure of Sushi Odkol? I had always heard either really awesome or really bad reviews.)

Greenlight Bookstore: Beautiful!

DSCF3577 I finally made it over to Greenlight Bookstore, the indie Fort Greene bookstore venture that's been in the works since early 2008.  While I was excited, I kept it in check.  I've seen a lot of indie bookstores that end up being hyper-specific to one subject I'm not interested in (new age, self-help, children - the list goes on and on).

I'm happy to say I am delighted with our new local shop!  The space is beautifully designed, and full of all sorts of books.  I was happy to see a healthy selection of best selling fiction and literature, and even a display of those gorgeous new clothbound Penguin classics.



Greenlight Bookstore 686 Fulton Street

CHB Previews: Roman's

outside of roman's, formerly bonita It's pretty obvious that Roman's is just doing a soft opening, but that didn't stop the husband and I from hustling right over last weekend to check it out.  I'm calling this post a "preview" as opposed to a "review," since it's really just first impressions.

First of all, it was awfully strange to get a table immediately on a Saturday night in this small and formerly bustling space.  Obviously there's no signage up yet, but I'm used to sitting on the window ledge drinking margaritas for awhile.

A few small interior changes have been made - the wall behind the bar has been been completely redesigned and restocked, new light fixtures have been added and a decorative wall was erected between the dining room and kitchen.

The menu, for now, is pretty bare bones.  It's small plates, and it needs explanation / guidance from the wait staff.

the menu

It's a small-plates setup, which often ends up in a trial-and-error ordering experiment. (How many plates do we need?  Are we going to be stuffed or left hungry?).  We started with the "heirloom radish," which consisted of a chopped radish and a few other radish-like roots, salted and served with creme fraiche.  It was light and fresh, though a few bites were oversalted and others were not salted enough.

heirloom radish

For second courses, we split the sauerkraut soup and the panette.  Both were delicious.  The soup was well-favored without being sour, and included a delicious bite of some sort of meat (pork?) and an egg.  The panette, small penne pasta, was served with a delicious sauce and toasted pine nuts.

Our third course was a stuffed meatball.  Delicious, but small.

For dessert we went with the dark chocolate, assuming it would be some sort of torte.  But in actuality, it was a pile of dark chocolate with some almonds.  For $6.  I looked at Will and said, "This is good chocolate, but it's... a pile of chocolate."

I'm really interested to see how Roman's develops.  I was unable to get a good grasp of the vibe they were going for.  Partly, it seemed to be trying to mimic the trendy 1920s thing that's been pervading popular culture these past few years.  But the cuisine suggests otherwise.  The bill was fairly pricey for the quantity, but I'm game to go back once they have a regular, full menu (and they are already taking credit cards).

If you're wondering about the name, it's clearly a reference to Rome, Italy.  Not only is the food described by the waitstaff as being Italian-influenced, but the outside of the menus feature an illustration of two infants being suckled by a wolf.  My renaissance-literature-professor husband informed me that it was a depiction of Romulus and Remus.  (Romulus was, according to Roman mythology, the first King of Rome).

Grady's BK

gradys1 Fulton Street in Clinton Hill has a new boutique!  Located next to Cure BK, Grady's Collective Market BK had their soft opening last weekend. For now, the shop features clothes, shoes and a few home items.  They'll be ramping up before their grand opening in early December.

The new shop has a brand new blog featuring store products.  They're planning on e-commerce functionality in the future. gradys2 Staff was friendly and welcoming, and it looks like it'll be a chill place to browse and shop.  Check back for an interview with the shop's owners.

Go Fulton!




Brooklyn Junior Opens on Clinton Avenue

Regular BK Flea Vendor Brooklyn Junior has opened their very own shop on Clinton Ave, just north of Myrtle.  They celebrated their grand opening on October 31.  Read more from their inaugural press release: What happened when a couple of artists had kids and then found that the children's wear market was hopelessly lacking in the clothes they really wanted their children to wear? They let the DIY spirit move them and turned into entrepreneurs – and Brooklyn Junior was born. This Halloween, owner Nadia Georgiou opens the doors of Brooklyn Junior’s new Clinton Hill shop, located at 150 Clinton Ave (corner or Myrtle), for the first time.

Since 2008 Brooklyn Junior has been selling colorful, chic and unique clothing for babies and kids on the web at as well as at the Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene and Dumbo. Nadia’s popular designs include bright kimonos, super soft silkscreened tees featuring drills, fire hydrants, and headphones, baby onesies in adorable colors and patterns, and lots more to please all kids from newborns to six-year-olds. And now, for the first time, they’re under one roof on Clinton Avenue – along with colorful toys and accessories.

But Brooklyn Junior’s Clinton Avenue space isn’t just a store – it’s Nadia’s workshop, too. Half the space displays the designs in a shop setting, and half houses the actual place where Brooklyn Junior designs happen. It’s a rare and fascinating glimpse into the process behind the designs – and it takes a true artist to be willing to display the materials.

See our interview with Nadia here!

Fulton Flea

Over on the new CHB Forum, there's been a discussion of a brand new flea market beginning on Sept 13.  Some commenters were welcoming, while some asked, "Do we need another flea market in the neighborhood?" Here's the info, in case you want more info or to rent a table.  I'm curious to hear from vendors how it differs from the very successful Brooklyn Flea. I think it might be more beneficial further east on Fulton, but I suppose TriLaFu will have to do :)

The Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, in an effort to engage in positive community outreach, and to promote good partnership and enhanced visibility, is making their private parking lots available through our group on Sundays starting in mid-September, in order to support the "Fulton Flea" as described below:

The "Fulton Flea" is envisioned as an extension of the dynamic and vibrant activity taking place in the Fort Greene / Clinton Hill scene. Through its location at the hub where Fulton and Lafayette intersect, it can serve as an additional community space where people can meet and engage in the sharing of goods, services and information. Equally, as we align our "values with value" and make sense of the changing economic world, the "Fulton Flea" offers another adaptive opportunity to further the creative spirit of home-based artisan entrepreneurs while blending into the existing commercial merchant infrastructure of our community. Our hope is to stay community-rooted and be diverse and inclusive.

The details: We will be located at 650 Fulton Street in the parking lots of the Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center. We will be called the "Fulton Flea at Brooklyn Plaza" or the "Fulton Flea" for short. We expect to open on Sunday September 13, 2009 and run every Sunday through December 20, 2009. (We will have a bad weather policy in case of extremely inclement conditions.)

We are looking for vendors. We expect our opening prices for non-food vendors will be $75 per week for a 2 week commitment for a 10 x 10 spot (you can sub-divide), $70 per week for a 4 week commitment, and $65 per week for a 6-8 week commitment. We expect to offer some 5 x 10 spots at $40 per week. Tables / chairs will be available on a pre-ordered basis - likely about $10 for a table and $2 for a chair.

Neighborhood Food vendor spots will cost $75 for a 10 x 10 space based on an 8 + week commitment.

Contact or call 917 364 5648 after 6 pm for more info.

About the Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center (BPMC): BPMC is a 25 year community rooted non-profit organization dedicated to improving the physical, spiritual, and psychological well being of the residents of north central Brooklyn by providing the highest quality comprehensive family health services. BPMC wants the community to know that they offer quality health care for all residents - and that they care about the well being of the community in a holistic way, inclusive of community economic development, arts and culture.

Just Taste It - Fried Foods on Fulton

The space formerly occupied by Fish and Crustaceans at 901 Fulton is currently being renovated.  In its place, Just Taste It, a fried foods establishment will open in its place. IMG_0874

At least that's what I think the owner said when I poked my head in.  She said they were on Twitter, and I couldn't find a user named Just Taste It, so maybe I misheard (was taking the dog for a walk).  Have additional info?  They're slated to open in the next two weeks.