Fresh Fruit on Atlantic Ave!

A few days ago, a reader sent me this intriguing email: as bizarre as it is, i just noticed that a fresh fruit and vegetable market is opening on atlantic avenue right around grand (towards classon on the prospect heights/crown heights side of the street). it's the produce equivalent of frank white -- meaning, they're putting a lot of work into the space and it's going to be really nice, but it will probably ultimately suffer from its atlantic ave location (zero foot traffic).

i can't understand why they wouldn't choose fulton for this very necessary place, i guess the rents are a lot cheaper on atlantic.

Readers, this is why I love you. Because I would probably never, ever be walking around in that particular area and this is a very exciting tip!

It was not easy to find. I walked down a very desolate section of Atlantic, populated only by auto repair and restaurant equipment retailers, all completely shuttered on a Sunday afternoon. But then, I saw it: two gorgeous wooden planters with green fern spilling over at a storefront on the south side of the street.

new fruit store!

The beauty of the fruit (both standard and exotic), as well as the interior renovation was shockingly gorgeous. Where on earth did this place come from?!


The owner (whose name escapes me, since I didn't write it down), said he expects to be fully operational within the next few days. He is also open to suggestions on what people would like to see him carry!

People, check it out, NOW.

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